Quality Control
The issue of quality at Adirondack Specialty Adhesives is taken very seriously. The quality needs of our customers is now and has always been our top priority. We strive to maintain a high level of quality from our suppliers and in our manufacturing processes which we believe carries over into our final product.

Any material which goes into an Adirondack Specialty Adhesive product has been thoroughly scrutinized to guarantee that it meets or exceeds are expectations. All processes that our product goes through are time tested and constantly monitored to find ways for improvement.

Before any in-process material can proceed to the next step it is analyzed for adherence to our specifications. All attributes that will affect final product performance must be tested and recorded. For primed product, these attributes are as follows:
  • lamination thickness
  • lamination weight
  • primed thickness
  • primed weight
  • strength
For coated product, these attributes are as follows:
  • lamination thickness
  • lamination weight
  • coated thickness
  • coated weight
  • %volatile
  • adhesive deposit
  • melt temperature
For adhesive product, these attributes include the following:
  • viscosity
  • ppw of solvent
  • ppw of solids
Before our product is shipped to our customer, it is tested for compliance to our standards that have been identified as important by our customers. All final belt splicing products are currently sampled and tested on the following dimensions:
  1. heat resistance
  2. wear resistance
  3. durability
  4. strength
  5. tack
In conclusion, we are sure that our product will perform at the level of excellence that you expect from your own products. If you have any concerns or needs that we have not addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us.